Watch This Kid, He’ll Teach You Something

Since the age of the internet arrived, and more specifically, the YouTube generation, it seems as if every day there is another star that’s been seen by millions of people after he was recorded by an unassuming cellphone.  The boom-goes-the-dynamite guy, the sneezing panda, star wars kid, and a host of others have, for better or worse, become etched in our web-saturated minds because of their hilarity or awkwardness.  And inevitably, we’ve all fired off a link to someone or tweeted the latest clip we found that left us rolling in the aisles laughing.  I’m guilty of it myself.  And truth be told, this entire entry is essentially just that.  And with that, I present to you, bike riding boy.  If you haven’t seen it yet (where have you been?) then take a look, and enjoy all the greatness of this kid.

I’m 30 years old, and I don’t recall, in all my time on this earth, ever being that excited or proud of myself for anything.  I didn’t even get that amped up when I received my college diploma, or learned I’d gotten my first job out of college.  This kid, at the age of-and I’m guessing here-6, has officially felt a level of euphoria most adults have never come close to.  For that I say, rock on brother.

With his dad getting it all on his cellphone, it’s given us all a little shot of what it really was like to be a kid.  Sure, one day he will have to worry about paying the rent, and whether he has enough in his 401K, but for just a moment, we’re able to see happiness in it’s truest form.  I’ve probably watched this clip 10 times, and it’s still just as awesome now as it was the first time I saw it.

There’s something to be learned from this boy, considering we all lose focus on things once Monday morning rolls around, the alarm goes off, and real life begins all over again. So do yourself a favor and watch this video just once today as the week fires up.  Thumbs up, everybody……..For rock and roll!


2 thoughts on “Watch This Kid, He’ll Teach You Something

  1. I’m that excited to shoot your wedding. Maybe I should make a video too. haha Only about a month away!! Looking forward to hanging out with you and Jessica a bit more and making some nice pictures for you guys!

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