The Oh My God Everyone Is Sick Of Tebow So Let Me Write About Tebow Blog


Yup.  Tim Tebow. Because that’s what the world needs.  Another blog writing another entry about another take on the man who can do no wrong.  He hasn’t grabbed the nation’s attention per se, I’d  say he’s walked up, kicked it in the crotch, wrapped his hands round it’s neck, and screamed YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME.  In the nicest, most wholesome way possible, of course.  And as someone who for the last four years has been a bit worn out with the Tebow love, i’m ready to admit it: I’ve converted.  And I’d like to apologize for even using the religious metaphor, It seems anything anyone writes about #15 is compelled to litter their words with church and religion based hyperbole, But in this case, it’s the only thing that fits. I grew tired of him not because of Tebow himself but the insistence from every blue and orange laden Gator freak who insisted he was the second coming. Dammit, I did it again.

When he was was drafted, I assumed his train had come to it’s final stop, and he would fall into line with the rest of the rookies who wind up stringing together a few average years, make a boatload of cash, and then retire and wind up starting a business, or on Tebow’s case, continuing his ministry.  Fair enough.  Thanks for your time Timmy, it was a pleasure having you.

Then he became the starter in Denver.  And again, like most, I assumed he would be quickly weeded out, show that he in fact can’t play at the pro level and return to the bottom of the depth chart, allowing the Broncos to get him out of their system.  Ho hum.


Then he started winning.  And like most, I figured it was a combination of good luck, matchups, and a whole bunch of mojo that enabled him to lead the Broncos on their mid-season surge that landed them in the postseason.  He kept winning, the drumbeat was getting louder and louder, until the Tebow-mania was consuming our daily lives.  And I was choking on it.  I needed air.

Watching the Broncos beat the Steelers last week turned the tide.  Sometime Saturday night, somewhere in the first half, I learned to love Tim Tebow.  It was the storied Pittsburgh Steelers, against the Broncos, who weren’t even supposed to be there, with a guy who wasn’t even supposed to be starting.  I put my chips down, pushed them to the middle of the green-I was going all in on the Tebow poker table. When he hit Demariyus Thomas for the game winning touchdown in overtime, my conversion was complete. I’d accepted Tebow into my sports life. And dammit, it felt good.

Are the constant references to his faith a little off-putting? Perhaps.  Will he have to, at some pojnt, explain that something other than his faIth was instrumental in throwing 3 touchdown passes? Probably.  But for now, I’ll take it.  Because he, and the rest of the Broncos, are writing a script that we’re all watching, whether we like it or not.  So you might as well embrace it.  It’s just easier in the long run. Oh, and for the sake of clarification, let’s get real on another issue.  God doesn’t care about football games.


One thought on “The Oh My God Everyone Is Sick Of Tebow So Let Me Write About Tebow Blog

  1. You know what Andrew???? All Tim does is win. I know your not a Gator fan but it was during his senior year that I converted. It had to do not only with Tebow but also Urban Meyer. Now I’m a SEC fan(with the exception of Alabama). There was a lot of flak here in JAX that the Jags didn’t draft him. I did get to see him run a couple of plays when the Bronco’s played the Jags last year.

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