I’m Terrible At This, I Know.

Look, I understand this blog has been dormant for a good couple of months.  Mostly because I come up with fantastic ideas to write when I’m sitting in traffic, waiting in line at Target, or standing outside the auto shop getting an oil change.  I can’t help it, my muse is fickle. I also dont write things down when they come to me, and before I know it, three months has elapsed between posts. Or four.  But who’s counting. Coupled with writer’s block, well, i’m a terrible blogger.

What this blog is or will become, that’s still something yet to be determined. It may get some direction, it may never have any at all.  I suppose that’s what is great about it.  Sometimes I’m raving about the ridiculousness of everyday life, like the time a three legged cat almost caused me to rear end a school bus.  (No, really, that happened.) Sometimes I’ll rant about sports, most of the time I’ll have something to say that in the grand scheme of things, isn’t that important.  It will largely go unnoticed, but the fact I’m putting it down on paper (or, well, a computer screen for the sake of this exercise) is really the important part.

I began writing as a kid. My mother got a job as a newspaper reporter, and in an attempt to get me to shut-up while she worked on deadline, she threw me a pen and a reporters notebook.  A few days later, I’d filled the notebook with The Fire Of Doom-my first foray into the written word.  I know…I’m still trying to find time for the second book in the series, The Flames Of Ruin. My mother, god love her, still threatens to pull that gem from the attic when i least expect it.   This wasn’t long before I entered a school Christmas writing contest, where a story about Santa Claus and a jet powered sleigh garnered me a second place ribbon.  I’ll never forget hearing my name over the loudspeaker, as they announced the winners.  Take that Tommy Baldwin.  (Hated that guy.  Dude won everything.  And clearly, his name has been changed….for the sake of this exercise.)

Writing started for me early.  It continued in high school and college when I cut my teeth as a reporter, serving as the primary sports reporter (and by primary, I mean one and only) at the local newspaper. Suddenly, what I said was in print, people read it, and sometimes, wrote me mail.  Once I even ruffled some feathers when I blamed the lack of athletic success at the local high school on talent and desire, instead of a lack of funding and facilities, which was the popular scapegoat for being the league doormat.

Clearly I’ve wandered off the beaten path a bit, but all this is to say that I’m writing things down now.  I’m being a better blogger, in hopes that I can become a better writer.  After all, the world needs the written word, and even more so, they need The Fire Of Doom.  We all do. Don’t we?


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