About Me

I have two dogs. One named Trooper is as low maintenance as it gets, the other, Dexter, is a 75-pound bundle of energy, insecurity and complications . I’ve got a fantastic wife who somehow doesn’t find me completely annoying. How that’s possible, I’m still not sure. I love office supply stores and I’m a total snob when it comes to pens. Bic rollerball? No thanks, I’d rather use a fine point precise tip.  I enjoy mountains, and at some point in my life, would like to see Mt. Everest with my own eyes. In order to do so, I assume I’ll need to get over my fear of heights.  I’m a Redskins and Orioles fan, and love a good IPA.  I’ll take sunshine, a camping chair and some fiddle music, in that order.

I used to write.  Alot.  I realized I loved to write during second grade, when I won a 3rd place ribbon in the local library’s Christmas Writing contest. I suppose writing a story about Santa Claus and a jet powered sleigh wowed some people.  I thought it severely lacked originality, but I had no other ideas, and the stories were due by recess.   Oh, and these ideas and thoughts I spew on the page are mine.  And only mine.  Not my employer, or my dogs.  Just mine. Except for the one about loving bacon.  That one was all Dexter-dog.


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